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Download ClipsID Viewer(FREE)

ClipsID Viewer version 1.4 is packed with many powerful tools that will make your ClipsID management easy. Now you donít have to sit in front of your web browser to check ClipsID, or upload your video clips. Just open ClipsID Viewer and your task is done with few clicks.

Auto Clip Notification

This is a new feature that will give you frequent notices about new video clips uploaded on the ClipsID Library. You can also configure your application to look for a particular category alone and provide notice accordingly.

Quick Video Search

This intuitive module provides faster video search and effective result display, all with the comfort of not using your web browser.

If you want to know more about this product please click here.

Download ClipsID Encoder(FREE)

The underlying video format of all the video clips in our central repository is the FLV format based on Adobe Flash products. So all the videos that you upload in ClipsID will be converted to the FLV format before generation of the ClipsID.

ClipsID do have a strong video format encoder that will convert all the AVI & MPG videos you upload in the runtime itself.

However, video formats like VCD (DAT), Real Media (RM), Apple QuickTime (MOV), Windows Media (WMV) requires exhaustive processing. Rather than using the server resources for this encoding effort, we are providing you an encoder application that is easy to use as well as powerful enough to accomplish the video encoding.

ClipsID Encoder currently works only on Microsoft Windows and can convert AVI, MPG, WMV, DAT, MOV and RM files to FLV format. Another powerful feature is the Batch Conversion Utility, which allows you to convert all the videos in a folder at one go.

And this tool is completly FREE to use!!

Download ClipsID FLV Player(FREE)

You can play FLV videos on your computer. These FLV videos are best suited for the web-publishing. This player is just like the media player for mpeg files. We have this cool little tool to help you view the quality of your video converted by "ClipsID Encoder". You can use this tool to play the FLV videos converted by any other encoding utility.

We have tool to encode video (ClipsID Encoder), we have tool to review that encoded video (ClipsID FLV Player). Both comes at to cost.

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