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1. Are you associated with a Business? a. Do you have promotional video/s related to your business? b. Do you have detailing your product's capabilities? c. Do you process Training/Workshop videos or Webcasts related to your business? Are you providing Professional Services? a. Do you have your resumes as a video? b. Have you got your client feedback as video? c. Do you have seminars/conferences video related to the services you provide? 2. Associate your business systems with your chosen video.. a. Shopping Cart b. Storefronts c. Action Listing d. Web links e. Online Profile f. Blog Space g. EMail h. Resume 3. And the system creates the ClipsID as.. a. This is a unique number generated only for you b. Entering this number on the ClipsID player will show your video with all your associated business links c. Share this number to your prospects just like your phone number and they can view your video so easily d. The player displays your associated business links and your viewers can easily watch them Invite your prospects to watch your videos with ClipsID Power Tools use our video sharing power tools for easily automating the video sharing and invitation tasks: a. Address Book helps you list all your contacts b. ClipsID Email Invitation tool is a bulk mailer that integrates your ClipsID and your invitation content c.Search-Words will show your video listed for users who use ClipsID Search tool d. Your video is automatically polled and displayed on all ClipsID Viewer apps across the world .. and the automated posting on ClipsID home page will be free marketing for you!! Other Advanced features of ClipsID a. Video Banner Creation tool b. Video Newsletter Creation tool c. ClipsID Viewer desktop application d. ClipsID Video Player
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